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 About NextStudy.
Let the Data Do the Talking

NextStudy is a completely new follow-up program. This program is different from anything you’ve used in the past. Instead of paper response cards that can get lost or translated into the wrong language, we are moving everything online. There is no limit to the number of people that can be served, and if you speak a different language, it is as simple as clicking a tab on the screen to switch to your preferred language.

Once new decision-makers register online and are led through a simple lesson restating their decision, their name is automatically sent to the church they attend, their friend’s church, or a church close to where they live. Churches can then easily identify prospective members from each event. They can track which decision-makers have connected with their members or programs and stay in touch by phone or e-mail.

The idea is to place decision-makers into an atmosphere where they can grow and find answers to their questions. New decision-makers will also have the ability to pursue ongoing education. Not only will they benefit from training within the church, they’ll also have access to online resources. In some areas of the world it takes up to six months for a new decision-maker to integrate into a church body. For these new believers, NextStudy will enable them to continue learning about their new relationship with Christ that began at the outreach event.

For more info contact us at 503-580-4554.