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Our Services

Decision Makers

If you would like to register a decision at a recent event, we will connect you with a Church nearby.


If you would like to Volunteer at a local or national event, Sign Up Here!


Churches can add their profile free! NextStudy will keep track of your new volunteers and decision makers

Non - Profits

Created by a nonprofit to assist other nonprofits. The platform helps bridge the gap between Churches, Decision makers and Volunteers


Create a customized event, and organize church volunteers to assist attendees to sign up for follow up services


Coming Soon! In partnership with Corban University and Sonlife, we will be offering ongoing learning

Why NextStudy?

This program is different from anything you’ve seen in the past. Here are some highlights that we are excited to share about the NextStudy system: Accurate, ‘well translated’ response card templates available from anywhere No more lost response cards No more challenges deciphering user response answers accurately Instant language translations There is no limit to the amount of people that can be served when language is no longer a barrier. A simple click on the home page will change the website to be displayed in your preferred language!

From Our Users

I had the privilege to help at the festival in Villa El Salvador, Peru in 2017. I received a list of new believers that was generated through NextStudy, and I was able to call them to invite them to attend a church. Many new believers think that Christians talk to them about God, pray for them but after that, they are forgotten. This is because where I live the pastors preach about God, but they do not engage with the people who are not from their churches to see if they have received Christ as their Lord. The pastors ask their members to share the Gospel, but they don’t prepare them and aren’t willing to even donate a Bible. The NextStudy program will help solve many of these problems. It will help connect pastors, volunteers, churches and new believers. It will give new believers access the Bible in their own language and it allows volunteers to be trained on how to reach the lost and pray with them to receive Christ in their hearts Rosa

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